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Polaris Light

Polaris Light Super-bright effect light. 6-channel LED effect light that pulses to the music.  162 bright LEDs.

Our price: $418.00
Multipoint Laser

Multipoint Laser Multipoint red and green laser.  A very popular effect light, looks amazing wit a smoke machine.

Our price: $521.40
Smoke Machine

Smoke Machine This Smoke Machine is perfect for parties. Reliable and easy to use.

Our price: $170.50
Smoke Machine Fluid

Smoke Machine Fluid A high grade medium density smoke fluid for use in all Smoke Machines.  1 litre bottle.


Our price: $16.50
Mirrorball 8" Set

Mirrorball 8" Set

8 inch Mirrorball complete with motor and two pinspots with coloured gels.  Great for parties!

Our price: $151.80
Mirrorball 12" Set

Mirrorball 12" Set 12 inch Mirrorball including motor, pinspots and coloured gels.  Great for parties!

Our price: $167.20
Mini Colour Moon

Mini Colour Moon Very colourful, compact Mini Colour Moon light effect.

Our price: $99.00

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