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Our Music Touch Systems - MTS Software is a touchscreen system that offers a very user friendly method of choosing a song - searching by category, album, artist or song title.  No messing around with buttons, simply touch the song you want, and no gaps between songs or jumping tracks.  With the UHF remote control and an exceptional ‘ADMIN’ system it couldn’t be easier.  On-screen advertising, personalised logos, creating your own playlists, random play function, free play or coin-operated, optional video and karaoke clips … it truly is an all-in-one entertainment system.

MTS Jukebox Software is a well-proven and reliable digital touchscreen jukebox software originating from New Zealand and has been sold world-wide for well over 10 years and supplied here in Australia for over 5 years ... tried and well and truly proven!

MTS Jukebox Software Features  -

  • Touchscreen technology … no buttons!
  • Allows continuous programming, even while playing
  • Allows you to view the tracks by the decade in which they were a hit
  • Displays the name of songs in their play order
  • Displays songs under CD covers as well as a list screen
  • Search facility to find your favourite music instantly
  • Allows you to cancel the song playing or pause it to allow for announcements
  • Starts the next song without delay …  no gaps between songs
  • On screen & TV advertising – in-house advertising options
  • Free play or coin operated options
  • Video, audio and karaoke music options

Finding a Song

Select the ALL SONGS button on the main screen. Type in the first few letters of the artist or title your are searching for on the touch screen keyboard and use the up and down arrows to find your song.



Search by Album

Select the ALBUMS button on the main screen and touch the album cover to display song list.


Search by Category

Touch the CATEGORY button to display songs from that genre or era and use the up and down arrows to navigate through the songs.


Selecting A Song

Once you have found your selected song, just touch the song and you will be asked if you would like to add the song to the play list. Touch YES and your song will be added to the play list, or touch NO if you have made a mistake and you can go back to the list to select again.

The selected song will now appear on the bottom right hand side of the main screen. You can then go back and select another song


Turning the Jukebox ON and OFF

To shutdown, simply touch the shutdown button on the bottom right hand corner of the jukebox screen. It will show a 10 second countdown to shutdown. If you need to turn the jukebox on, there is a button on the back of the jukebox.

The volume controls are located on the bottom right of the screen. There is a volume up and a volume down button. Touch on either to increase or decrease the volume.  Or you can hide this icon and use the Remote Control (optional).



Remote Control Option

There is a UHF Remote Control available for the Mini Juke, Sound Hub and Illuminator.
Different functions can be performed using the Remote Control number codes as per the Software Manual.  Includes volume up/down and cancel features.

Using the Karaoke feature

Simply touch the karaoke ON button. It will ask you if you want to proceed, touch YES and you will be taken to KARAOKE mode. Likewise, to go to JUKEBOX mode from KARAOKE mode, touch the JUKEBOX button.  The Karaoke feature can also be hidden if not needed.


The Control Screen on our MTS software is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. To get to the Control Screen you need to activate the ‘service button’ inside the jukebox.   On this screen most of the buttons explain themselves by the information displayed, but the main ones to observe are:


Control Screen - Get New Songs

Adding new music and monthly updates is simple. 

New music is supplied on CD disc, updating your jukebox music.


Control Screen - Set Up Screen
You can set your coin settings and bonuses for each coin, set your delay time between each song, limit how many songs allowed in the play list and also limit how many times you can put the same song into the play list.

CONTROL SCREEN- Advertising Set Up

Control Screen - Advertising Set Up

Here you can edit, add and delete text adverts.  You can also import picture, video or audio advertisements.

You can also set single sentence messages that rotate as advertisements that display on the main jukebox screen.

CONTROL SCREEN- Reports Screen

Control Screen - Reports Screen

To view all your reports simply touch on the corresponding buttons to display information; you will need to plug in a printer if you want to print it out or export it to your removable drive



CONTROL SREEN- Create Play Lists

Control Screen - Create New Playlists

By touching on one of the play list buttons (1-9) this will bring up the master list on the left hand side, by touching the desired song it will send it to the right hand side and into the play list you have selected, if you accidentally put in the wrong song or want to remove an existing song, just simply double click it back to the master list. You can also clear entire play lists and create new ones, when you have finished just exit out and all the information will be saved automatically, they can then be called up from the remote control.


Control Screen - Delete Songs

This allows you to delete any songs from the system, just search an artist or track title then highlight the desired track and push the delete button. You can also hide and unhide tracks temporarily so they don’t display on jukebox screen at all and schedule tracks to show at different times on the jukebox screen.


Freeplay On – Allows the jukebox to be changed between coin and free-play mode.

Karaoke Jukebox - If enabled then this will only allow the software to be used as 'karaoke only' and will not allow the user to switch back to jukebox mode. 


MTS SOFTWARE MANUAL – All information relating to our MTS Jukebox Software is available in our detailed Software Manual.

Click here to download a pdf of the UHF Remote Control Instruction Manual.

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