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Insound Systems is the supplier of music systems including our MTS background sytem to suit all venues and operators.

If you want your venue to be playing the right music at the right time we can cater for all your music needs. We have systems that could possibly cost you nothing and keep your operating costs to a minimum. Our music systems cater for audio, video, and karaoke music as well as in house advertising.

Welcome to Music Touch Systems

an ‘all-in-one’ digital music system, a total entertainment system...

We supply music systems for bars, hotels, restaurants, and clubs and have been operating in the hospitality industry for over 20 years.  Whether it be our coin-operated jukeboxes, function hire, karaoke nights, background music... our ‘state of the art’ Music Touch Systems (MTS) can cater for all your music needs.

If you don't want your customers to choose the music and you want total control of what song is playing and when, then our computer music systems are for you. Our advanced music software allows you to play your own saved music play lists or random music themes to create the right atmosphere for your venue with your audio, video and karaoke music ... and it can pay for itself!


Digital Music Systems Music Solutions That Could Cost You Nothing ...

Our Music Touch Systems - MTS software is a touchscreen system that offers a very user friendly method of choosing a song - searching by category, album, artist or song title.  No messing around with buttons, simply touch the song you want, and no gaps between songs or jumping tracks.  With the UHF remote control and an exceptional ‘admin’ system it couldn’t be easier.  On-screen advertising, personalised logos, creating your own playlists, random play function, free play or coin-operated, optional video clips and karaoke, it truly is an all-in-one entertainment system.

Digital Touchscreen Jukeboxes ...

Insound Systems offers a full range of music systems and jukeboxes to venues … the compact, classy and portable Mini Juke for function hire, the wall-mount Sound Hub, the ‘behind-the-bar’ computer system for venues with limited space and who want to control what music is played, and the full-size, free-standing coin-operated Illuminator

"I don't know how many times I've heard a bar owner say,
“I'm sick of paying rent for my music system …
Why should I give the jukebox operator any money … it’s my hotel … I should get it all!”

The Sound Hub is coin operated and is the latest break through for bars and hotels who want return and income from their computer music system. With its funky slimline design (145mm deep) and modern brush metal front it suits any style of bar. It allows the venue to control the music that the customer selects. The selector panel only shows the music that the venue has chosen to display and via the software, the music lists and display times change automatically to your pre-programmed music. This way venues can still control the music playing in their venues at all times.

All Music Touch Systems jukeboxes come with a 12 month warranty.

Rental/Lease and Purchase options are available with our finance partner Finance Connections.

One function hire at $200 will more than pay for the jukebox and music system.

With our music partners Visual Sounds and Karaoke Gold, we can offer an endless amount of licensed music options, in video, audio and karaoke format. 

Service and support is available from Insound Systems (nearly 20 years in the industry) and MTS in New Zealand.

If you don't want your customers to choose the music and you want total control of what song is playing and when, then our ‘behind-the-bar’ computer music systems are for you. Our advanced software allows you to play your own saved music play lists or random music themes to create the right atmosphere for your venue.

These system can be touchscreen or mouse driven.

Music Touch Systems - MTS – Digital Music Software for Jukeboxes

Features -        

  • Touchscreen technology, no buttons
  • Allows continuous programming, even while playing
  • Allows you to view the tracks by the decade in which they were a hit
  • Displays the name of songs in their play order
  • Displays songs under CD covers as well as list screen
  • 19” LCD Touchscreen
  • Search facility to find your favourite music instantly
  • Allows you to cancel the song playing or pause it to allow for announcements
  • Starts the next song without delay, no gaps between songs
  • UHF or wired digital remote control
  • On screen & TV advertising – in-house advertising
  • Free play or coin operated options
  • Video, audio and karaoke music options
  • Delivers 900 watts RMS of quality stereo sound or plug into an existing sound system
  • Compact, modern, state-of-the-art lighting features
  • Optional Karaoke mode

Advantages -

  • All-in-one entertainment system
  • Coin-operated or free-play options … total venue control of music!
  • No skipping or jumping tracks
  • Consistent audio levels
  • Instant play no delay between tracks
  • Licenced music provider Visual Sounds
  • Coin return orfunction hire helps pay for system
  • Tailor music to suit venue
  • Extensive music database - all genres
  • Lease or purchase options available
  • 12 month Warranty on purchased systems
  • Finance available.

Coin-operated Revenue -

  • Directly helps pay for the music system.  The venue collects all the money.
  • Third party advertising revenue option.
  • No music system rental/hire anymore.


“We use the MusicTouch software for all our Party Hire Jukeboxes.  Our customers love these Jukeboxes because they are totally reliable and the Touch Screen Software is so easy to use.”               Steve Dearle - Red Hot Party Hire Pty Ltd

“MTS software is so much better.  Hotels just want reliability, particularly with their coins.  All my MTS jukeboxes are reliable, particularly with the coins and the admin section is so easy to use …”                Melbourne Jukebox Co.


Click here to download a copy of the Venue Music System Brochure

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