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Karaoke FAQ's

Q: Do Karaoke music discs use original artist recordings?

A: Our Digital Sunfly Karaoke songs are recreations of the original song recorded by independent manufacturers. The manufacturer has hired independent artists and bands to recreate songs done in the likeness of the original artist, with the goal of sounding as similar to the original artist as possible.

Q: Do the Karaoke recordings have "background singers"?

A: Yes, most of our Digital Sunfly Karaoke songs have background singers, mainly for the chorus. These background singers are not removable.

Q: Why can't I find the song that I am looking for?

A: Our Sunfly Catalogue has well over 11,000 songs, but unfortunately, not all songs out there are available in Karaoke format. When you search for your favourite songs, singers, or groups, try omitting the word "The" and "A" from the song title or group name. For favourite singers, try searching by the first name.

Q: What are DVD Karaoke Discs?

A: DVD stands for Digital Versatile Discs. DVD Karaoke discs can play in our CAVS 203g Karaoke Player.  They hold more than 20 songs.

Q: What is CDG?

A: CDG (or CD+G) stands for Compact Disc Plus Graphics. A CDG Karaoke disc contains an additional track, which displays the song lyrics on a TV when played on a Karaoke player. The words to the song are displayed on a blue background and are highlighted in a contrasting colour to signal when the words should be sung. The CDG format is the Karaoke standard for most of the world's Karaoke and CDGs only have about 15 songs per each disc which is their downfall not enough storage.

CDG Karaoke discs require a special Karaoke Player such as our CAVS 203g Karaoke Player. The CAVS 203g Karaoke Player is similar to a regular CD player, except that it has an additional chip for reading the graphics track of a CDG. In addition, it also has a place to plug in a microphone, a key controller to adjust for the singer's key, and an echo control to enhance the singer's voice.

A normal DVD player will play both the DVD and Video CD Karaoke discs. However, a Karaoke DVD Player such as our CAVS 203g Karaoke Player has additional features such as microphone inputs, key changer, and echo control.

Q:  What is a S+CDG or Super Disc?

A Super Disc is a DVD that holds over 1,000 karaoke songs instead of only up to 15 songs, like on a CDG.  This is big storage capacity, which means less discs.  All Super Discs will play in our CAVS 203g DVD Karaoke Player.  We have a range of Super Discs to purchase.

Q: Will Karaoke DVDs play on my standard DVD player or computer DVD-ROM drive?

A: Yes, however, our CAVS 203g Karaoke DVD Player has additional features such as microphone inputs, key changer, and echo control.

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