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Control your environment, your ambience, your demographics and ultimately ... your profit.


DJ Edge is a venue music system which allows you to quickly and easily construct the audio and video music programming your customers want to hear.


Enjoy complete control over your audio/video environment. Program and play CD quality songs and DVD quality video clips in custom playlists that you create. Change music for different times of the day to entertain various customer groups and inform with advertising and informational messages, all effectively creating an “in house” radio/TV station.


Your system has three components: the DJ Edge hardware unit, player software and music programming including video, audio and Sunfly karaoke music - all provided by Insound Systems and our music supplier Visual Sounds. Load your own personalised announcements and you have everything you need!


This system is the answer to the music and messaging needs of your retail store, hospitality business, hotel, bar, activity centre, office, gymnasium, factory, public venue or DJ operation. It provides ease of use plus complete control of your audio/video environment.  Increase your revenue and you will increase your profit.


Please contact our office for more information ... or an obligation free demo in your workplace.


Click here to download a copy of the DJ Edge Brochure (2.15MB).


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